League of Legends' Yorick Already "Potentially Too Strong" After Buffs

Yorick might already be overperforming in League of Legends thanks to just one buff that he [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

Yorick might already be overperforming in League of Legends thanks to just one buff that he received in the most recent patch.

The majority of Patch 7.22 focused entirely on huge changes that'll be tweaked over the course of the preseason. Newly revamped runes, an uncapped leveling system, and a shift to Blue Essence as the main currency made up the patch along with changes for each champion to compensate for the new runes. Only a few balance changes went live for champions like Urgot, Evelynn, and one for Yorick that made him a better split-pusher.

Yorick's buff came in the form of his "Q," Last Rites, now usable against turrets. Last Rites would previously serve as an auto attack reset against turrets, but it wouldn't actually apply its damage, so turrets could hold off Yorick a bit longer. His "Q" has quite the low cooldown as well, especially when building CDR, so even though the change was beneficial for reinforcing Yorick's split-pushing identity, Riot Meddler said that the champion might be too strong now.

"Yorick's potentially too strong," Riot Meddler said in a recent Gameplay Thoughts. "That's more likely a result of Q affecting towers adding more power than expected, rather than anything Runes specific."

The "potentially" part of Meddler's statement means that nothing looks like it's planned for the Shepherd of Souls just yet, but nothing too drastic will hopefully be done to nerf the champion if he continues to perform well. Yorick mains have gotten a taste of knocking down turrets with "Q," and it seems that taking it away would be an unlikely option,

Along with Yorick, Sona is another champion that appeared to be too strong, though her strengths were derived through the new Keystone Runes instead.

"Sona's looking really dominant with a range of different keystones," Meddler said. "Not yet clear at time of writing if there's an issue with her, or just that she's taking better advantage than most of keystones that might be too strong."

Following those thoughts, a mid-patch update for Sona and other champions nerfed the support. Yorick's remained untouched for now, but whether that continues remains to be seen.