League of Legends' Yorick Is Getting a Huge Split-pushing Buff

(Photo: Riot Games)

The patch notes for the upcoming League of Legends update had plenty of changes to sift through, but one of the biggest ones that might’ve gotten lost in the shuffle was the split-pushing buff that’s coming for Yorick.

Short and sweet, Yorick will soon be able to use his “Q,” Last Rites, on turrets. It starts at a 7-second cooldown and only goes lower with each rank and by purchasing cooldown reduction, all of which boils down to turrets falling much faster.

Aside from being tucked in along with the plentiful base stat changes that are going live for every single champion, Yorick’s low playrate is likely partially to blame if you didn’t notice the change. After all, if you don’t play the champion yourself, it’s not quite as easy to pick up on impactful changes for the Shepard of Souls. But with Yorick’s identity in League already firmly situating the champion as a turret-threatening split-pusher, the most recent change to his “Q” will make it even more dangerous to leave him alone in a lane during the mid/late game.

Even if you don’t play as Yorick, you’ll know that his Last Rites ability that creates his Mist Walker graves smarts when you get hit by it. However, it doesn’t do quite as much against turrets, the objective that Yorick lives to take down. It serves as an auto attack reset and helps proc the Spellblade on his Trinity Force, but it only goes on cooldown after he strikes a non-turret enemy or the timer runs out. With the ability now affecting turrets combined with his ultimate, say goodbye to your turret if you teleport to the bot lane to help your ADC and Support.

The deal only gets better for Yorick mains with the new effect going live alongside some powerful new runes. While some champions will be scrambling to find a fitting Keystone Rune, Yorick can comfortably fall back on his Grasp of the Undying that’s returning as a rune. Right underneath that rune in the Resolve tree is Demolish, a rune that deals massive damage to turrets after a brief delay.

You can see an example rune build for Yorick in the link above and start planning your own rune pages before Patch 7.22 hits and completely changes the game.