League of Legends Is Bringing Back Your Shop This Week

League of Legends players already have an Arcade event to look forward to with new skins and more [...]

League of Legends players already have an Arcade event to look forward to with new skins and more available in the game for a month, but even if you're not big on the new Arcade skins, you might still be able to get something that better suits you. That's because the Your Shop feature is once again reopening its doors later this week when it becomes available on June 28th, according to Riot Games. You'll find personalized discounts in the game's client on Friday assuming the launch goes as planned, but there's no known end date for the next Your Shop at this time.

Riot Games product manager Adriaan Noordzij confirmed the projected release date for the next Your Shop in a reply on Reddit within a post that discussed the new Arcade event. Noordzij said the Your Shop "should activate June 28th," a message which was later rebroadcasted by fellow Rioter Riot Mort to let players know when they should expect the discounts to go live.

If you've been around for a Your Shop or two, you'll know what the gist of this feature is. The Your Shop system picks out skins for champions that you've been playing a lot lately and will offer those cosmetics to you at a discount, so everyone's Your Shop will look a bit different from others'.

With the Your Shop return just a few days away now, there's no point in spamming a certain champion to game the system and get skins that you want though. The Rioter confirmed in a follow-up comment on Reddit that the picks are typically locked at least a patch before the Your Shop opens, so if you've hopped on the Karma or Sivir bandwagon in the last patch, don't expect to find skins for them there.

"Your Shop is usually generated a patch or two behind the release date, so starting now probably won't have much impact unfortunately," the Rioter said.

Even if Riot's discounts don't suit you this time, you can still get the new Arcade skins that are releasing around the same time. There are four new Arcade skins coming out in total, one each for Qiyana, Kai'Sa, Yasuo, and Caitlyn, five if you count Caitlyn's Prestige Edition skin. Demacia Garen and Lucian will released at the same time following their recent reveal.