League of Legends Designer Gives Insights Into Zoe's Abilities and Creation

Now that Zoe is fully out and causing trouble in League of Legends, Riot Games’ writers that [...]

League of Legends Zoe

Now that Zoe is fully out and causing trouble in League of Legends, Riot Games' writers that create the lore and background for the world of League shared some of their inspirations and ideas that went into creating Zoe.

It's been said before by Riot Games that the "trickster archetype" was a heavy inspiration for Zoe, something that you can see pretty clearly with her child-like personality and playful attitude. Looking at the champion as a "light-hearted burst mage with accessible mechanics" was another way that they looked at the champion as Riot Games writer Bananaband1t said, and Zoe's final version was able to keep a couple of those elements.

"The early goals for a champion are more like guidelines," said CertainlyT, the champion designer responsible for creating Zoe. "And for mages, the gameplay can change more rapidly and more drastically than any other role."

By now, League players have likely become quite accustomed to getting smacked with one of Zoe's long-range Paddle Star attacks. Much of Zoe's power was funneled into her "Q" that'll annihilate someone from quite the distance, and CertainlyT commented that much of Zoe's kit was built around allowing her to pull of these Paddle Star nukes.

"The big question for Zoe became, 'What do you give to a girl who doesn't really need anything else?'" said CertainlyT. "She has one high damage nuke. You could probably get through a game of League with all your other buttons broken."

Zoe's Sleepy Trouble Bubble is a perfect example of the way that they built Zoe, a move that gives her time to line up a well-aimed Paddle Star.

"For example, Zoe's Sleepy Trouble Bubble has a delayed CC effect, and this makes it much more effective as an offensive spell than a defensive one," said League writer Bananaband1t. "Throwing it at a Master Yi rushing at you probably won't stop him, but it can help you land a max-ranged Q on that pesky, boyfriend-stealing light mage. Plus, the delayed sleep effect plays into Zoe's role as a cosmic messenger. It's like she's saying, 'Hi! You're going to be CCed soon… and then you're going to be struck by a meteor!'"

You can check out the full details on Zoe through the champion's insights post.