Machinima Founder and VR Pioneer Hugh Hancock Has Passed Away

It is with a heavy heart that we report the unexpected passing of Machinima founder Hugh Hancock. [...]

hugh hancock

It is with a heavy heart that we report the unexpected passing of Machinima founder Hugh Hancock. He was much more than just a founder. He was a pioneer and a huge influence on much of the gaming world we know today.

A story teller, a visionary, an icon. Hancock has also, in recent years, dove head first into the world of Virtual Reality when he experienced the VIVE room-scale experience first hand. Once he realised the scope that VR had to offer, he then brought his creative narratives to the completely immersive world that Virtual Reality brings to the gaming market.

His latest project was a Dark Souls-inspired horror/RPG specifically designed with the HTV Vive VR technology in mind called Left-Hand Path. The game itself was instantly met with positive feedback with over 15 hours of scares and thrills.

The move into Virtual Reality was a huge career shift for him, one that he himself addressed in a Reddit AMA just two short months ago. In true Hancock fashion, he was friendly, open, and just brought a light-hearted feeling with every interaction.

With many fanfilm's under his belt, including an amazing World of Warcraft feature, his career was one that many followed, enjoyed, and drew inspiration from. His impact within the world of film was nothing to scoff at either with his work on movies like Bloddspell, How to: Demon Summoning, and Death Knight Love Story.

Hancock was only in his early 40s and recent reports show that he passed from a sudden heart attack. The news of his sudden death has shocked many fans of his and those closest to him.

Many took to Reddit, and other social media outlets, to express their shock over the news, showing just how much of an influence he had in the gaming and entertainment industry. Stories were exchanged sharing cherished memories of speaking with him, remembering how he was always willing to lend a hand to those aspiring to chase their dreams.

Our hearts are with the friends and family of Hugh Hancock during this difficult time.