Madden 18 Simulation Predicts the Super Bowl Winners in a Nail-Biting Close Game

Look: We don't have anything against Tom Brady, or The Patriots. The ComicBook office has a few [...]

Look: We don't have anything against Tom Brady, or The Patriots. The ComicBook office has a few huge Patriots fans, so we're not going to sit here and pretend like we're not excited to watch the big game on Sunday. Personally, though, this author wishes that literally any other team could take home the trophy this year. Do we really want to see another Patriots Super Bowl? Can the Eagles pull out a win? The team over at EA Sports has simulated the game in Madden 18, like they do every year, to see who comes out on top.

In the video above, you can see what actually turns out to be a very close game. Patriots fans are obviously expecting a blowout, but if Madden 18 can be counted on as any kind of realistic simulation worthy of casting prophecy, then we're in for a serious nail-biter. In the end, after four quarters of back and forth mayhem, the game ends in favor of the Patrios, 24-20.

The game plays out as one, long, giant tease. The Eagles light up the first quarter with an early touchdown and a field-goal to take the lead. At the end of the first quarter we were looking at a 10-to-3. In the second quarter Gronk comes through for a touchdown, and the teams trade another touchdown for a field-goal, bringing the score to 17-13, Patriots.

Things really heat up in the second half, and a clutch interception by the Eagles affords Philly with a chance to scoop up a late-game lead. The third quarter ends in the Eagles' favor, 20-to-17. This is where we start to find some home. Could the Eagles actually take this? Tom Brady has proven to be dangerous in the fourth quarter, though, and this is likely the biggest game of his career.

The Patriots score an early touchdown, bringing the score to 24-20. The Eagles need a big break, and as it happens, they actually get one. A Patriots fumble leads to the Eagles marching down the field and having some great field position with a minute left in the game. It all comes down to one pass, which would have been an Eagles touchdown if a Patriots defender wasn't there to swat it away and secure the win. We're having flashbacks to their showdown with the Seahawks, and it feels bad, man.

How close will the simulation turn out to be?! We'll have to wait and see this Sunday. Stay tuned.