Mario Kart Attraction Confirmed For Super Nintendo World

While the Universal Studios Japan Twitter account was expected to reveal new info regarding Super Nintendo World later tonight, it would seem news has leaked early from Universal's kick-off event. Universal has now officially confirmed that a ride based on Mario Kart will be available at the park! For years, Nintendo fans have wanted to see the game brought into the real world, and now Universal Studios Japan attendees will be able to experience just that. At this time, exact details about the ride are slim, but if it can live up to expectations, it could be the centerpiece for all of Super Nintendo World, and a major draw for fans of the franchise!

It will be interesting to see how Universal Studios is able to bring the ride to life. Mario Kart's trademark power-ups will likely prove to be the biggest obstacle, but they also happen to be the element that differentiates Mario Kart from every other Kart-racing game on the market. Without them, a Mario Kart ride would just be go-karts! Theme park technology has grown quite a bit over the years, and it's easy to imagine that there might be some way to digitally recreate items like Banana Peels, Fire Flowers, Mushrooms and, naturally, the dreaded Blue Shell.

Of course, Nintendo fans around the world will likely eye this announcement with some jealousy, but it should be noted that Universal Studios Japan has announced that Super Nintendo World attractions are expected to open in Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore, next. Fans that aren't willing to make the trek to Japan will simply have to wait a little bit longer. No concrete details have been announced on just how long that wait will be, as of this writing. Still, fans have been waiting to see the first Super Nintendo World come to fruition since it was announced back in 2015, so waiting shouldn't be too difficult!


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