Mario Party Superstars Removes NSFW Easter Egg From Original Mini-Game

Mario Party Superstars fans are feeling a bit puckered after noticing that one of the updated minigames had a rather unique Easter egg removed. Mario Party Superstars contains 100 different minigames from previous Mario Party games, most of which were taken from the original trilogy of Nintendo 64 Mario Party trilogy of games. Obviously, these minigames received some major graphical upgrades from the original N64 games, and it seems that developer NDCube has used the remakes to clean up some....interesting creative choices from the older games. 

One of the minigames in Mario Party Superstars is the Bobsled Run based on the Mario 64 minigame in which players race a penguin down an ice slide. In Mario Party 2, players jumped inside an actual penguin-shaped sled to race, which had some interesting anatomical accuracies. Many players likely noticed that the rear end of the penguin sled contained a distinctive "X" on its rear end, which of course represents the end of the digestive system. It's a weird little detail that surprisingly made it past prudish US censors when Mario Party 2 was first released in 2000 in the US, but sadly did not make the cut in Mario Party Superstars. As you can see below, the bobsleds in Mario Party Superstars are bland, non-penguin-shaped bobsleds that entirely lack any sort of anatomical surprises. It appears that NDCube decided not to make players stare at the rear end of a penguin for several minutes, opting instead for something a bit more tame. 

Although players won't have the chance to marvel at the backside of a bird, they can enjoy a number of classic minigames and boards in Mario Party Superstars. Our review describes it as a "nostalgic blast that needs something more," with praise given to the throwback games but criticism aimed at the lack of new content for the popular party franchise. The good news is that players don't have to use Joy-Cons to play Mario Party Superstars - any of the Nintendo Switch's controller formats are acceptable to use. You can check out the full review of Mario Party Superstars here.