Marvel Champions Reveals The Rise of Red Skull Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games has been keeping their upcoming Marvel Champions story expansion a secret for a while now, but thanks to their presentation at GAMA we finally know at least a few details about the upcoming release. The new box set is going to be called The Rise of Red Skull, and as the name implies will feature the Red Skull as the primary villain. Fans will also get two new heroes to play as part of the set, including Spider-Woman and Hawkeye, and Arnim-Zola also appears on the cover for the game, so we imagine he will be one of the other side villains involved in the campaign.

With Red Skull comes Hydra of course, so expect plenty of Hydra agents and villains to be a part of his deck. We don't know much more at the moment, though a release window is listed on the presentation of Quarter 4 2020.

Hawkeye and Spider-Woman are currently in the game as allies for other characters, but now is their time in the hero spotlight, and we cannot wait to see how FFG utilizes their abilities. Spider-Woman's pheromones and venom blasts will offer some unique possibilities, and Hawkeye can pretty much attach anything to an arrow, so the possibilities are huge.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

You can check out the box for the new expansion in the image above.

You can find more of our Marvel Champions coverage right here, and you can find the official description for Marvel Champions below.

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