Marvel: Crisis Protocol Reveals Lizard and Captain America's Character Abilities

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has revealed the character stats and abilities for its new Captain America and the classic Spider-Man villain Lizard. Earlier this week, Atomic Mass Games revealed the character cards for Sam Wilson's Captain America and the Lizard, showing what each of the upcoming characters can do in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Captain America is a agile movement specialist with the ability to move allies around the battlefield and use his shield to block extra damage and hit multiple foes with a single attack. Notably, Sam Wilson's Captain America benefits from any Tactics card that specifically mentions Captain America. Meanwhile, the Lizard is a straightforward bruiser with a healing factor, the ability to push foes, and a nasty Cold-Blooded attack that deals Bleed and Slow on a successful attack.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a skirmish miniatures game featuring the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. Players can build rosters comprised of any character, although rosters can benefit from a Leadership ability if it has enough characters of the same affiliation. For instance, Captain America has the "All New, All Different" Leadership ability that gives a buff to an allied character once per round if another allied character is Dazed or KOed. During the game, players battle to score victory points by achieving objectives, although there are benefits to knocking out an opponent's character as well.

Both Captain America and the Lizard will be released alongside another miniature. Captain America will be released as part of the Captain America and War Machine Character Pack, while the Lizard will be released as part of the Lizard and Kraven Character Pack. Both Character Packs will be released in July with a retail price of $39.95.