Marvel: Crisis Protocol Reveals Moon Knight as Upcoming Miniature

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has revealed that Moon Knight will join the game's ever-expanding roster [...]

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has revealed that Moon Knight will join the game's ever-expanding roster of characters. Earlier this week, Atomic Mass Games revealed the Moon Knight miniature in a brief social media post with the tease that the character would be revealed later this year. No other details were immediately made available, but Moon Knight would likely be released in August or later as its Character Pack has yet to be formally announced or solicited. One possibility is that Moon Knight would be packaged together with Blade, another street-level character confirmed for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, but not yet released for sale.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a skirmish miniatures game featuring the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. Players can build rosters comprised of any character, although rosters can gain passive or active boosts if enough characters have the same affiliation. While Moon Knight's affiliation hasn't been revealed, he would likely belong to either the Avengers or Defenders affiliation, having been a member of both teams. During the game, players battle to score victory points by achieving objectives, although there are benefits to knocking out an opponent's character as well.

Moon Knight was originally introduced in 1975 as an avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. The character often draws comparisons to Batman, as Moon Knight is also a millionaire who uses themed gadgets and equipment and is often used in "street-level" stories. Many of Moon Knight's stories deal with the multiple identities he's cultivated as a superhero. Originally, these identities were used by Moon Knight to help with his investigations, but more recently writers have connected them with dissociative identity disorder. Marvel Studios will introduce Moon Knight to a wider audience in the upcoming Moon Knight Disney+ series, which will star Oscar Isaac. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has hinted that Moon Knight will then appear in other Marvel movies and projects. A new Moon Knight comics series is also set to launch this July.