Marvel: Crisis Protocol Reveals Sentinels' Abilities, Release Date

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has revealed the Character Cards for both types of Sentinels, providing some new details about how the mutant-hunting machines will function in the game. Earlier this week, Atomic Mass Games released the Character Cards for the Sentinel MK4 and Sentinel Prime MK4, which will both be released next month. Unlike most characters in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, players can have two Sentinel MK4s on the table at the same time, meaning that players can have all three Sentinel models in the game at the same time. 

The Sentinels are built around suppression and control, with multiple ways of incapacitating their opponents or moving them to more disadvantageous locations. Both Sentinel versions include a Suppression Protocol attack that can stack multiple Special Conditions to its target, assuming that the attack roll gets enough Wilds. Both Sentinels also have Restraint Cables that can move a target towards a player and set them up for additional attacks. The Sentinel Prime also has Pattern Analysis, which allows it or a nearby allied character to re-roll up to 3 dice on an attack. Because the Sentinels are both incredibly bulky characters, they'll be hard to move, especially as the Sentinels cannot be pushed or advanced by Mystic Attacks. 

Players are already strategizing that the Sentinels will be ideal for capturing and securing objectives, specifically because their bulkiness. There will not be a lot of characters who can move a Sentinel off a location, meaning they can rack up Victory Points in some scenarios pretty easily. 

The Sentinels MK 4 will cost $64.99, while the Sentinel Prime MK 4 will cost $49.99. Both will be released on October 14th. 

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