Marvel Future Fight X-Men Update Live, New Trailer

An X-citing new update has gone live for Marvel Future Fight, and now your favorite X-Men have [...]

An X-citing new update has gone live for Marvel Future Fight, and now your favorite X-Men have finally joined the fray after a long absence. Check out the update trailer above to see everything you have to look forward to the next time you boot up Future Fight on your smart device.

In addition to your new characters, new costumes have also been added for various characters, offering more variety to the fighters you already know and love.

As for the X-Men, here's your full lineup:

  • Cyclops – The leader of the X-Men, who can shoot powerful energy from his eyes.
  • Jean Grey – A founding member of the X-Men with great telepathic powers who can also transform into the cosmic being known as the Phoenix.

  • Wolverine – One of the most famous X-Men, who has an advanced healing factor, adamantium-laced skeleton and retractable claws.

  • Storm – One of the most powerful, noble and respected members of the X-Men, who can control nature itself.

  • Beast –While he may look like a bouncing blue monster, Hank McCoy possesses a brilliant mind and a love of science.

  • Rogue – Evolving from an enemy of the X-Men to one of their most valued members, Rogue can fly, is super strong, and can absorb the powers of anyone she touches.

  • Magneto – While Magneto – who has the ability to control magnetic fields -- fights for the survival of all mutants, his misguided actions have made him the most feared foe and #1 archenemy of the X-Men.

Your new cast of X-Men won't be accessible right away, though. You're going to have to earn them. There's a new adventure awaiting players where they'll take control of Wolverine. Players will have to "fight their way through a new Epic Quest, becoming increasingly powerful until the last quest is completed, at which point they unlock Cyclops, Storm, Beast, and Rogue."

This new update will change the way players tackle daily missions in a big way as well, offering more freedom depending on the materials you need at any given time. Daily missions now "include chapters instead of stages, allowing players to select from the various chapters to play for certain rewards in order to obtain materials needed. There is also a new system in place called the Contents Status Board that will allow players to check on the status at the main lobby for all the contents that have daily limits at once."

Marvel Future Fight is available now on Android and iOS.