Marvel's Midnight Suns Surprisingly Releases Morbius DLC

2K Games and Firaxis Studios have today surprisingly released a new update and DLC for Marvel's Midnight Suns that adds the Spider-Man villain Morbius to the strategy title. Previously, it was known that Morbius would be coming to Midnight Suns, but Firaxis hadn't informed fans of when his arrival would actually be happening. Now, this new DLC featuring the "Living Vampire" has dropped without warning. 

Available to purchase across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, this new Marvel's Midnight Suns DLC, entitled "The Hunger", has now become available. The Hunger will give players access to playing as Morbius in Midnight Suns and will also add a number of new story missions to the game. This DLC is able to be gained by purchasing the Midnight Suns Season Pass or by picking it up individually for $14.99. 

"In The Hunger, Morbius, who inadvertently transformed himself into a bat-like being in an attempt to cure his rare disease, must join forces with the Midnight Suns to combat a vampyre threat sweeping across New York City," says the official description of this new add-on. "As if a vampyre outbreak wasn't enough, Hydra has started infusing undead DNA into its toughest troops to create a squadron of transformed supersoldiers. Morbius had hoped to reverse-engineer their traits to create a serum that would let him withstand sunlight—but in the wrong hands, his research could make all of vampyre-kind unstoppable"

Outside of bringing Morbius to Midnight Suns, Firaxis has also released a new patch today for the game itself. This patch doesn't tend to make any drastic changes to Midnight Suns, but it seems like Firaxis has fixed a handful of lingering bugs that have continued to be present. As such, even those who don't opt to buy The Hunger should still find that Midnight Suns has become slightly better as of today. 

Are you going to look to get this new Morbius DLC for yourself in Marvel's Midnight Suns? And what do you happen to think of the Marvel strategy game as a whole? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12