Marvel United Launches on Kickstarter

CMON and Spin Master Games are bringing a new game to the tabletop genre, and it happens to be the [...]

CMON and Spin Master Games are bringing a new game to the tabletop genre, and it happens to be the first-ever Kickstarted Marvel game. The game is called Marvel United, and it's now live on Kickstarter. Fans will have the chance to snag not only the core game but also some sweet Kickstarter exclusives, which include Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Corvus Glaive, and an Infinity Gauntlet expansion. Fans can get the core game for a pledge of $60, but you can expect plenty of cool stretch goals and expansions as the campaign goes on, and the overall project has a target goal of $150,000.

The game has been in development for almost two years, and features a delightful chibi-style visual style that fits these characters perfectly. Marvel United was designed by Eric Lang (Blood Rage, Cthulhu: Death May Die) and Andrea Chiarvesio (Kingsburg).

"We are excited to unveil the first-ever Marvel game on Kickstarter, delivering a truly unique and original game to fans," says Elizabeth LoVecchio, VP of Spin Master Games. "Spin Master takes pride in great partnerships and working with CMON exemplifies this value. Launching Marvel United on Kickstarter gives us the opportunity to bring the ultimate version of this game to superfans with exclusive expansions and characters that can be mix and matched in the game."

(Photo: CMON/Spin Master)

This will be CMON's 42nd Kickstarter, and they've funded 41 of those campaigns, becoming Kickstarter's #1 funded company in the process.

"Our goal is to make each campaign as fresh and exciting as our games," says Geoff Skinner, CMON's VP of Entertainment. "Marvel United is a passion project for everyone at CMON, and we worked as hard as we could to make sure there are lots of sensational surprises in store over the next three weeks."

The campaign will run through Wednesday, March 4th, and if it hits its goal it will be delivered to backers and retail in the fall of 2020.

You can check out even more about the game on the official Kickstarter page right here. More of our Marvel United coverage can be found here, and feel free to hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things tabletop!