Marvel United: Multiverse Launches on Kickstarter

Spin Master Games and CMON are back with a new entry in the Marvel United series, and this time around it's all about the Multiverse! Marvel United: Multiverse is the third game in the Marvel United series (after Marvel United and Marvel United: X-Men), and the campaign is now live on Kickstarter. You can check out the Kickstarter page right here, and along with a multitude of new heroes to play as and villains to play against, Multiverse will also boast a new solo mode, new Equipment cards, and more. Marvel United: Multiverse should have no problem hitting its funding goal, but you do want to make sure to back the game if you want any of the Kickstarter exclusives, as there have been many in both previous campaigns.

Before the campaign launch, Multiverse revealed characters like Ironheart, Spider-Man 2099, Captain Carter, and Cosmic Ghost Rider, mixing in characters from the multiverse and the main universe. They've also shown off an impressive Galactus miniature, but there's more to be excited about than just new miniatures. Marvel United's gameplay is also getting some welcome upgrades, and a recent preview revealed how the game is bringing more individuality and authenticity to each character.

In a previous post on the CMON blog, Marvel United Designer Andrea Chiarvesio wrote "A very vocal request was, 'we want each hero to feel more unique.' People wanted to see Captain America throwing his shield, Spider-Man using his webshooter, and Thor flying with Mjolnir. We tried to represent these through special powers in the previous season, but it's a huge challenge to represent all the iconic special weapons, equipment, and gear in three or four special cards, while still wanting to also show the hero's true nature and superpowers."

That's what led to the creation of Equipment Cards, and many heroes in this season will come with their own Equipment Cards and start the game with them. An example was given of Captain Carter, who will start with her signature Shield. It can either be thrown to attack an adjacent location or used to ignore 1 damage dealt to a hero in her location and both sound pretty on par with who the character is and how she would act in the moment. Most of the characters in the game will seek to have similar authenticity reflected through these cards, and we can't wait to see what else the game has in store for fans.

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