Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Reveals Venom, Winter Soldier, Black Widow in New Gameplay Trailer

Capcom just revealed a brand new Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite gameplay trailer showing, for the first time ever, Black Widow, Venom, and Winter Soldier in action! All three characters will be available on December 5. We've known for some time that these characters were on the way, and we got an early sneak peek at Venom a while back, but this is our first time actually seeing these heroes (and anti-heroes) throwing down. We're not going to play favorites or anything, but damn if Venom doesn't look sick! Watch the trailer above to see for yourself!

To be clear, all three of these characters will unlock automatically for anyone who already owns the 2017 character pass for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. If you don't own the character pass, then you'll need to shell out $7.99 for each character, or else only for the characters you want to unlock. Capcom gave us a little more information about each combatant over on the Capcom Unity blog if you're needing to pick and choose:

Winter Soldier:

  • "As a skilled assassin, Winter Soldier has various ways to debilitate opponents and excels at ground combat. Using his cybernetic arm, he can activate Metal Shield, which provides him with enough armor to not only ignore hits, but to walk away unscathed. Though his move set is limited with Metal Shield active, the potential for devastating punishes is massive."

Black Widow:

  • "What’s a spy without an array of lethal gadgets? Black Widow’s gauntlets can fire off different projectiles that range from a sticky bomb to one that emits a nerve gas, which crumples the opponent. With the unique ability to perform evasive maneuvers, catching Black Widow will not be easy."


  • "Returning to the series with some of his signature moves, Venom’s aggressive playstyle is further amplified in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. His new movement option is Venom Glide, a web zip of sorts, which can be aimed in six different directions, enabling him to keep the pressure going in his favor."

Capcom also reminded everyone in its blog post that it will be hosting a free-to-play weekend this weekend. Starting November 24, if you have PlayStation Plus, you'll be able to play Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite for free, with all 30 launch characters, until November 27. The game will also be on sale on Xbox One and PS4 until the 27th, so should you decide to go all in, you can do so at a discount.