Marvel's Avengers Reveals the Best Look Yet at Thor

Marvel’s Avengers has continued its spotlights of its main characters with those previews now [...]

Marvel's Avengers has continued its spotlights of its main characters with those previews now leading up to the best look at Thor that the developer has offered to date. The Asgardian hero who wields the mighty Mjolnir weapon is one of the final heroes to be spotlighted with Friday's video giving an overview of the character, his background, and some of the different looks we'll see him sporting in Crystal Dynamics' game.

Thor maintains his signature look in the upcoming Marvel's Avengers project, but some changes have been made to his appearance to make the character design unique to the game. His hair is up in Marvel's Avengers with some braids in the back and he's got some silver plating on his outfit. Another version of his superhero costume shows the character in more traditional Asgardian garb with a winged helmet.

As we've seen in the trailers before this brief character profile, Thor's going to have his expected array of powers in Marvel's Avengers including but not at all limited to manipulating lighting and swinging his hammer around while calling it back into his grip. He's got superhuman strength and can fly in Marvel's Avengers, so the hero looks like he'll be a smart all-around option for teams.

You'll be able to put his abilities to use in different ways in Marvel's Avengers depending on what playstyle you want to pursue. During a talk found on the PlayStation Blog about things like some of the biggest challenges encountered when creating the game, Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos mentioned one of the ways a Thor player could fit into their superhero team.

"It's a co-op experience where you'll need to decide which role you want to play," Amos said. "For example, someone can take crowd control with Thor, while another player puts Iron Man into the air, or leads from the front with Hulk."

If you've missed the past looks at the game's different characters, you can find your favorite member of the Avengers through out past coverage. The creators of the game have spotlighted Black Widow, Iron Man, the Hulk, and Captain America prior to this video.

Marvel's Avengers releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia platforms on May 15, 2020.