Marvel's Avengers Future in Doubt Following Square Enix Deal

Marvel's Avengers' future appears to be in doubt following a deal where Square Enix sold developers like Crystal Dynamics to Embracer Group. Marvel's Avengers has had an uphill battle since it was revealed. The game received some backlash due to the designs of the characters and the idea of it being a live-service title, as most people feared this structure could harm the potential for the first proper AAA outing for the Avengers. Many were proven right by this fear when the game was released as it was littered with issues and had a great story that was held back by this structure. Now, after many post-launch controversies, Marvel's Avengers could be headed toward an end.

Due to the deal between Square Enix and Embracer, the future is uncertain for games like Marvel's Avengers and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Although the latter is a single-player game, it risks not getting a sequel. The former, however, is in more danger. Although all previously developed games from the acquired studios transfer over to Embracer with this deal, some require additional approval. In a Q&A, Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors suggested that Disney could have to approve whether its games go to Embracer in the transaction. Nothing is certain and everything could off without a hitch, but it's possible these two games are left in limbo and get delisted alongside server shutdowns. 

"All games that have been developed by the studios are included in the transaction," Wingefors said. "However, a number of external approvals are needed from external parties in order to close this transaction. And potentially licensors, as you've mentioned here, could be one of those approvals needed." 

A Marvel's Avengers developer recently stated there isn't any roadmap for the game, as they're focused on short-term, smaller updates for the title. It's possible this was done to prepare for the possible acquisition with the team knowing the risk of not being able to deliver on long-term goals if the deal goes through. Even if Embracer Group does get the ok to keep operating Marvel's Avengers, it's unclear if they'll be interested in the idea of sinking more money into a game that has routinely struggled.


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