Marvel's Avengers Announces New Character

The next character coming to Marvel's Avengers on Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X has been revealed. In a new blog post, developer Crystal Dynamics confirmed the rumors that Jane Foster of Thor is coming to the game as the first playable hero since Spider-Man was added last fall. Unfortunately, it's going to be a little bit before the character is added to the game. 

Next month, Update 2.4 will release, but this won't be the update with Jane Foster. The new playable hero won't be introduced until Update 2.5, which has no date right now, but will presumably be out sometime this summer. According to Crystal Dynamics, the character will be similar in terms of gameplay to Thor due to also being a wielder of Mjolnir, however, she will have also distinct elements that distinguish her. 

"Beyond that will be Update 2.5, and while we'll be coming back with specifics on timing later, we can share that it will introduce a new playable Hero for all platforms: Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor," said Crystal Dynamics. "Our Hero designs are driven first and foremost by their core comic book identities, so, as a fellow wielder of Mjolnir, her suite of abilities will have a lot in common with the Odinson's, however she will also have elements that are distinctly Jane. More details on how Jane will come to life in our game will be coming in the future."

With Jane Foster now confirmed, it's safe to assume She-Hulk is coming to the game, as the character has also been the subject of rumors from the same sources. That said, this hasn't been revealed yet. If She-Hulk is coming to the game, it probably won't be until the fall of this year at the earliest. 

Marvel's Avengers is available via Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Game Pass. For more coverage on the Avengers game -- including not just the latest official news, but the latest rumors, leaks, and speculation -- click here. As for Crystal Dynamics, this announcement couldn't come at a better time as fans were starting to lose patience with the game