New Marvel's Avengers Villains Revealed

The upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game has no shortage of villains to pick from given how many the [...]

The upcoming Marvel's Avengers game has no shortage of villains to pick from given how many the Marvel lineup boasts, but it looks like we might already know of at least two major foes players will encounter. This information comes from a trophy and achievement list which was revealed way ahead of schedule seeing how the game isn't out for months, and like many of these lists, it contains story spoilers. If you don't want to have the game spoiled, it's probably best to avoid lists like that as well as what you're about to see once we dive into the villains.

Published on, an outlet known for sharing lists of trophies and achievements ahead of games' release dates, the list of achievements for Marvel's Avengers contains a varied mix of tasks before getting into the story-based achievements towards the bottom of the list. These achievements show how the story will progress and how players will encounter and recruit different iconic characters.

The last of those achievements is perhaps the most telling. It's called "New Girl Makes Good," and to acquire it, players must "Defeat MODOK and the Kree."

So as far as Marvel's Avengers' villains go, it looks like that secret's been spoiled. These lists of achievements and trophies are hardly ever inaccurate, so expect to see those Marvel villains throughout the game. Depending on how soon the game plans on revealing its main villains, this may not end up being that big of a spoiler after all.

For those who've been following along with the development of Marvel's Avengers and know their Marvel characters well, one of those villains may not be too surprising. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics revealed last year that one of the game's main antagonistic groups would be Advanced Idea Mechanics, better known as AIM. This led people to assume the big-headed MODOK might be involved given the villain's connection with the group. It looks like they were right.

The mentioning of the Kree is a bit different though. There wasn't really anything out there about Marvel's Avengers before this achievement list that hinted at the involvement of the Kree, so it's still unclear how they'll be involved. They've been involved with the Inhumans in past Marvel stories, and we know the Inhumans are definitely in the game.

Aside from this apparently unintentional reveal, Square Enix had a lot more of Marvel's Avengers to show off this week. We got a new trailer for the game and also saw some unique outfits that can be unlocked in different ways through pre-orders and special editions.

Marvel's Avengers is scheduled to release on September 4th.