Marvel's Avengers Reveals First Look at Spider-Man

This week, Crystal Dynamics finally gave Marvel's Avengers fans a release date for Spider-Man, the game's next character who will be exclusive to PS4 and PS5 versions of the game. Crystal Dynamics also announced the permanent price cut for some in-game content after walking back a controversial "pay-to-win" update. It's been a big, eventful, and positive week for fans of the 2020 game, and today it got better with the first look at Spider-Man in the game. Unfortunately, there's still no trailer for the character, and the first look doesn't contain any gameplay. In fact, it's not even a complete look at the character. Rather, it's more of a sneak peek, but after months and months of waiting, Marvel's Avengers fans will take what they can get. 

The screengrab below comes from an official dev stream of the game by Crystal Dynamics. In other words, it's not fake. The reason many were quick to assume it was fake was because it shows Xbox button prompts. And it does, but that's because this is likely a dev build of the game, on PC, with an Xbox controller hooked up to said PC.

Below, you can check out the screengrab for yourself, courtesy of Carlos_Esconde:

Right now, there's no word of when fans can expect their first complete and proper look at the character, but it should be soon. That said, while we don't have details on this, what we do have is the blurb below:

"The iconic web-slinger Spider-Man will come exclusively to PlayStation players in the November 30 update along with the Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event! You'll experience Spider-Man's story through unlockable challenges woven throughout the Avengers Initiative. Here's a quick taste of his journey in Marvel's Avengers! Peter Parker uncovers AIM's new plan to acquire technology that could make their Synthoid army unstoppable and total domination inevitable. He must partner with the Avengers to stop this looming threat, and forms a tentative friendship with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow while keeping his identity hidden. As a Hero accustomed to working solo, he struggles with the new dynamics of working with a team. Will he join up full time with the Avengers, or stay independent in his fight against AIM?"