Marvel's Midnight Suns Developer Drew Inspiration From HeroClix

2K and Firaxis Games revealed Marvel's Midnight Suns earlier this week during Gamescom Opening [...]

2K and Firaxis Games revealed Marvel's Midnight Suns earlier this week during Gamescom Opening Night Live. The project, which had been rumored to exist for the past few months, is one that is going to take the form of a strategy title within the backdrop of the Marvel universe. And while Firaxis' familiarity with the strategy genre would make you think that the idea for this game was always very straightforward, the studio said that the game at one point was more akin to a popular Marvel tabletop game.

Speaking to CBR in a recent interview, Firaxis said that Marvel's Midnight Suns in its earliest stages resembled the tabletop game HeroClix. For those unaware, HeroClix is a long-running strategy-style game that features a number of different characters from Marvel, DC, and other brands. "We actually started with, like, HeroClix figures. We actually made a physical version of the game first. We just lay down a map, had these HeroClix figures and we just tried to figure out how to come up with a new tactical ruleset," Firaxis said of the process that came with starting work on Marvel's Midnight Suns.

While Firaxis started at this point with Midnight Suns, the studio said that it took quite a long time for the game to become what it is today. "It needed to be fun, it needed to be deep, you have to have all of these choices and at the same time you have to feel like this person is the coolest person on the map at all times," a member of Firaxis said of the goals that the studio had with the project. "It took a long time to get where we ended up."

At this point in time, we still haven't seen what Marvel's Midnight Suns will actually look like to play. However, that gameplay reveal is actually poised to take place in the coming days on September 1. Whenever that first footage is revealed to the public, we'll be sure to share it here with you here on

Until then, you can plan to pick up Marvel's Midnight Suns when it launches early next year in March 2022.