Marvel's Midnight Suns Trailer Shows Off Captain America Gameplay

Marvel's Midnight Suns creators Firaxis Games and 2K revealed not long ago that Captain Americawould be joining the Midnight Suns, and this weekend, we've gotten a better look at just how the first Avenger will contribute to his new team. A video showcasing around five minutes of gameplay featuring Captain America was shared on Saturday to offer a more in-depth preview of his playstyle with commentary to guide players through what's happening.

The first thing you'll notice from the video below is that Captain America's got a new look in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Like other heroes, he's traded out his traditional colors for gold, silver, and black attire, and his shield now apparently releases bursts of fire at times.

A couple of his specific moves like Brooklyn Handshake and Shield Bounce were showcased throughout the trailer. Unsurprisingly, Captain America's moves should look pretty familiar to those who've seen his appearances in Marvel's Avengers and in the MCU with Captain America frequently tossing his shield at enemies to knock them backwards and deal damage. He's also got a special Midnight Suns ability which allows him to charge through a line of enemies with his shield while dealing damage along the way and leaving a trail of fire behind him.

Though those abilities are more offensive in nature, Captain America is set to be both a damage-dealer as well as a tank within the Midnight Suns team. A character guide for the hero released prior to this video offered more information about his playstyle and the "Block" mechanic referenced throughout the gameplay showcase.

"Captain America soaks up damage intended for allies, taunting enemies to focus their fire on him and building up shielding to keep his own health bar from getting blitzed," the game's creators said about this hero's playstyle. "However, because he also understands that sometimes the best defense is a good offense, some of Cap's abilities allow him to convert the Block he's generated into bonus damage."

Marvel's Midnight Suns is scheduled to release on October 7th. Around the time of that release, the game will also get a prequel novel as well as an art book.