Marvel's Midnight Suns Prequel Novel and Art Book Announced

Marvel and Titan Books are teaming up for two new Marvel's Midnight Suns books to align with the new game's release in October, Titan Books announced this week. The first of those will be an original story called Marvel's Midnight Suns: Infernal Rising which will serve as a prequel to the events of the game and features characters like Blade, Ghost Rider, and more. It comes out on October 4th which gives Marvel fans just enough time to read it before Marvel's Midnight Suns releases, and after the game comes out, players can examine its artwork in greater detail by picking up Marvel's Midnight Suns – The Art of the Game on October 18th.

The Infernal Rising prequel novel comes from author S.D. Perry who has worked on acclaimed franchises like Aliens, Resident Evil, and more in the past. Paul Davies is behind Marvel's Midnight Suns – The Art of the Game, the creator who also worked on the art book for Marvel's Avengers. Both of the Marvel's Midnight Suns companion books will be published by Titan Books.


Excerpts from Marvel's Midnight Suns – The Art of the Game shared exclusively with by Titan Books can be seen above and below to offer previews of the game's art book. The image above depicts an area known as "The Abbey" while the two images below show artwork and concepts for Lilith, the original antagonist featured in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

While many of the core Marvel heroes like those featured in the MCU will be familiar faces to fans by now, some of the ones set to star in Marvel's Midnight Suns may be less familiar. The prequel novel described in the overview below should serve as a helpful primer then for those who want to learn more about the origins of the Midnight Suns and the new threat they face.


"Marvel's Midnight Suns: Infernal Rising is an all-new exclusive adventure that leads into the events of the game," a preview of the novel from Titan Books said. "Blade, Magik, Nico Minoru, and Ghost Rider have joined forces to form the Midnight Suns, the world's first line of defense against the demonic forces of the underworld. As a looming magical prophecy threatens apocalyptic destruction, a mysterious group called the Triumvirate seeks to uncover a powerful relic that promises the wielder power and control over Mephisto. To stop them, the Midnight Suns will have to face their biggest challenge yet."

Marvel's Midnight Suns: Infernal Rising will release on October 4th for $16 while Marvel's Midnight Suns – The Art of the Game will release on October 18th for $39.95.

Separate from this announcement, Marvel also announced this week a new Midnight Suns comic series set for September, so between that and the companion books from Titan Books, Marvel's Midnight Suns players should have plenty of ways to supplement the game's release come October.