Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Voice Actor Shares Responsibility That Comes With Role

The voice actor for Miles Morales in the new PlayStation 5 game talked about the responsibility [...]

The voice actor for Miles Morales in the new PlayStation 5 game talked about the responsibility that comes along with being the hero. Nadja Jeter talked to ABC News about stepping up to the plate in a recent interview. The star spoke about sharing some things in common with Miles and realizing how much weight this role would merit. A lot of kids look up to the Ultimate Spider-Man now, and that means pressure. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was nothing short of a smash hit. But, all of these outings will have a bigger focus on them moving forward because of the success. Not to mention that Miles Morales was a beloved element of the PS4 game as well. It's a delicate balancing act, and Jeter said he was up to the challenge.

"Yes, I feel a huge responsibility -- especially playing a superhero of color in the society we currently live in," he elaborated. "To show the youth something different, I feel responsible to the kids who look like me and Miles. It's important to me that they see themselves when they are playing the game or watching the show."

Jeter added, "Miles and I have a very similar background, having been raised by a strong single mother and both being heavily influenced by our family's cultural background -- he's Puerto Rican and I'm Jamaican. Also, we're both heavily influenced by music and I love science just like Miles!"

John Paesano, the composer of the game, talked to io9 about crafting a signature sound for the young hero.

"I'm a film composer by trade and grew up, you know, listening to John Williams. Boi-1da was instrumental in making sure that we got this orchestral sound down that incorporated hip hop correctly," Paesano explained. "He wasn't just making beats, but in a few cases, he was a co-producer in many senses to make sure that everything was playing together. It's funny because when we wrote the score, there's a lot of odd time signatures and syncopated stuff that's not very straightforward, but hip-hop can be so much more direct, musically, and it was so fun to work with him because we both kind of brought each other outside of our comfort zones, which yielded just a really cool mesh of sounds and worlds."

"We're not just being true to this idea we have of the "superhero sound," but also to the complex fabric of Miles' musical tastes that's part of where he comes from," he continued. "His father's African American, and his mother's Puerto Rican, and we wanted him to have a wide palette in terms of musical influences because our Miles is young and hip, but he's also this old soul we imagined listening to music that your regular 17-year-old might not necessarily be into."

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