‘Mega Man 11’ Demo Available Now For Nintendo Switch, Coming To Other Platforms Tomorrow

Mega Man 11

Even though this week's Nintendo Direct was delayed due to weather conditions in Japan, it appears that some of what was planned for it is making the rounds. In this particular case, a demo for Mega Man 11, available now for Nintendo's platform.
Capcom confirmed the news just moments ago, and also said that the demo will also debut on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC tomorrow.

This demo was hinted at in the past, but now that it's official, it'll give you a good opportunity to take the game for a test drive before it arrives next month.

"In the demo, players can choose from multiple difficulty levels before stepping into the boots of Mega Man himself with robot dog Rush by his side. In a stunningly hand-drawn, technically advanced pyramid environment, players are encouraged to use various tools including the new Double Gear system and various boss weapons to bust Block Man and absorb his powers," the company noted in its press release.

In addition, "fans who take on Block Man in the free Mega Man 11 demo will contribute to the 'Bust Block Man' community challenge for a chance to receive a set of single-use items that can be redeemed in the retail version of the game. Fans who defeat Block Man can display their victory using the #BustBlockMan hashtag on social media and then stay tuned to official Mega Man social channels to check out the progress as the community works together to chip away at Block Man!"

On top of that, however, Capcom has also revealed a new Robot Master in the form of Bounce Man, whom you can see below. According to the Capcom-Unity blog, this former exercise instructor will stretch Mega Man to his limits in Boing-Boing Park, where he'll have to overcome a number of obstacles before coming face to face with the bouncy king himself!

Mega Man 2

"Once you've made the final climb to Bounce Man's chamber, he's all ready to show off his skills to a new playmate. As his name might suggest, Bounce Man likes to tumble around the room, rebounding off the walls before crashing into Mega Man. He still seems a bit unaware that he's supposed to be a force for evil, but nevertheless uses the Speed Gear to bounce around at high speed as the fight goes on. Utilizing your own Speed Gear can make life a bit easier, and a solid shot from the Power Gear can turn the tide in your favor – though the extreme force might have unintended consequences on Bounce Man's systems!"

But if you defeat him, you'll get a Bounce Ball weapon for your trouble, which sets loose a number of springy shots that damage any enemy they touch!


Mega Man 11 releases on October 2 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.