Metal Gear Solid Remake Rumors Reach New Heights After Possible Tease

A number of folks have been hoping for quite some time now that Konami will ultimately remake the [...]

A number of folks have been hoping for quite some time now that Konami will ultimately remake the original Metal Gear Solid entry that was released back in 1998 for the original PlayStation. While no such game has been revealed to be in the works just yet, rumors have been swirling about its creation for a long, long time. Now, a new tease (if you can even call it that) has some convinced that a Metal Gear Solid remake is indeed coming from one PlayStation studio.

Spotted by Reddit recently, it was mentioned that Nicolas Doucet, a creative director at PlayStation's Japan Studio, changed his profile picture on social media to resemble Big Boss from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. The image specifically sees Astro Bot, the titular character from the PlayStation 5 launch game, donning the gear that Big Boss wears in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. While Doucet could just be changing his profile image for the heck of it, others think it might tease that Japan Studio is working on a remake of MGS.

If you're wondering how this would be possible in the first place given that Japan Studio isn't involved with Konami, well, a recent report has actually said that the publisher is interested in licensing out the Metal Gear property to other studios around the globe. Whether or not Japan Studio would be one of those teams remains to be seen, but the company has actually been involved with remaking projects in the past.

In fact, Japan Studio actually assisted Bluepoint Games in its work on the PS5 recreation of Demon's Souls which just launched last year. As such, the studio has been involved in remakes of the past, making this conjecture not as outlandish as you might think at face value.

That being said, it is worth stressing that Doucet specifically works on Team Asobi at Japan Studio, which is a separate group entirely at the company. Team Asobi has primarily worked on Astro's Playroom and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission over the past few years, and it stands to reason that the team will continue on with that series.

So in short, all of this is to say that you shouldn't get carried away just yet. Whether or not Doucet is actually teasing something related to Metal Gear Solid is quite hard to say, but it is fun to think about. Hopefully, if a Metal Gear Solid remake is in development, Japan Studio or another team around the world is currently working on it right now.