Metal Slug Tactics Announced at Summer Game Fest

As part of today's Summer Game Fest kickoff event, publisher Dotemu, developer Leikir Studio, and [...]

As part of today's Summer Game Fest kickoff event, publisher Dotemu, developer Leikir Studio, and SNK have announced Metal Slug Tactics, an all-new tactical, grid-based video game based on the classic franchise. While no definitive release date or window has been announced, the reveal did include the fact that it will release for PC via Steam.

"Metal Slug Tactics reunites Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma as they lead the Peregrine Falcon Squad into a new battlefield through dynamic, strategic combat," the official announcement for Metal Slug Tactics states. "Players wield classic METAL SLUG weaponry, leveraging skill trees, perks, and a super attack-fueling adrenaline system to outwit and demolish flanks of the series' signature villains."

The actual gameplay for Metal Slug Tactics looks like an interesting cross between the Advance Wars franchise and something like Into the Breach. According to the announcement, there are several "roguelite" elements to the title which should add a bit of replayability. The pixel art and fluid animation in the trailer are both something that publisher Dotemu has become known for, and it would appear that Metal Slug Tactics will be no exception.

Here's how Dotemu describes Metal Slug Tactics:

"Donald Morden is back! After a long time being hidden in a country opposed to the World Government, he patiently staged a coup d'etat and is finally ready to take revenge upon the world with the army he gathered throughout the years. The Peregrine Falcons will have to do everything in their power to make it through the enemy lines and take down Morden before we get further into the war!"

As noted above, Metal Slug Tactics does not yet have a release date or window, but it is set to release for PC via Steam when it does. You can check out all of our previous coverage of video games right here.

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