Metro Exodus Script Tops the First Two Games' Scripts Combined

We’ve been itching to get some new information on Deep Silver’s Metro Exodus since its initial [...]

Metro Exodus

We've been itching to get some new information on Deep Silver's Metro Exodus since its initial reveal last summer, as it's looking to be the biggest game in the first-person action/adventure series to date. And based upon some new information we've gotten, we're not wrong with that assumption.

Deep Silver executive producer Jon Bloch recently spoke with Official PlayStation Magazine UK about the upcoming game, and it's got a script that weighs pretty heavy. No, seriously.

"To put this into perspective, Metro Exodus' script is larger than both Metro 2033's and Last Light's combined, including all DLC," he explained. "We will encounter new societies, religions, ways of life, environments, monsters, and mutants. Some will seem familiar in some ways, and some will be completely new. As life continued after the apocalypse, it evolved in different ways outside Moscow. Some areas are irradiated in similar ways to Moscow, and some areas are clear of any toxins or destruction."

Some of this comes from the different choices that you can make within the game, which provides a bigger sandbox-style approach than what the first two games have offered. Along with a day/night cycle and robust, wide-open areas, Metro Exodus has choices galore. "Choosing when and how to approach different situations will have measurable effects on the player's experience while completing tasks. Approaching a bandit camp at night might prove advantageous to a more stealthy player, but there may be more bandits around to have to deal with."

It sounds like the team is up to the challenge, though, and, as a result, they'll really open up the world of Metro like we've never seen before. And powered up to look even more spectacular on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, we should be in for quite a treat.

The game doesn't have a release date yet, but Deep Silver is expected to offer a huge showcase for it at E3 in just a few months' time, before it moves in to a potential fall/winter release period. Fingers crossed that it arrives sooner rather than later.

Metro Exodus will release sometime this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.