Metroid Cosplayer Creates an Incredible Varia Suit

Samus Aran from the Metroid series is a prime subject for cosplays given how iconic the character is and how recognizable her suit is. These cosplays rarely disappoint, and the latest cosplay creation from a creator known as PamiguCosplay is no exception. The cosplayer put together an incredible portrayal of the Varia Suit from the Metroid series that's complete with lights and an impressive level of detail that's gone into it. The entire process seems to have taken a long time to create like any in-depth cosplay would, but the final product is definitely worth the wait for those who've been following it.

The cosplay creator shared work-in-progress images of the Metroid suit as they worked on it over the past few months right up until they were prepared to show off the final product on their Instagram page. The Arm Cannon and other parts of the outfit light up, and the suit allows for poses that look like they're straight from a Metroid game.

You can see some of the best images from the cosplayer below.

More images have been trickling in over the weeks to share different perspectives on the cosplay creation with the latest of them being the look at the inside of the suit's helmet. If we don't get any more of these Metroid pictures, keep an eye on the cosplayer's pages to see what they come up with next.


You can keep up with the PamiguCosplay on Instagram to see those posts whenever they go up.