Metroid Prime Remaster Possibly Releasing Later This Year

Rumors of a Metroid Prime remaster on Nintendo Switch have been circulating for years now, and the latest suggests the game could finally release later this year. YouTuber Nate the Hate claims that the remaster will release towards the end of 2022, in celebration of Metroid Prime's 20th anniversary. Metroid Prime first released on GameCube on November 18th, 2002, and it certainly seems plausible that a remaster could appear on Switch around that same time of year. As with any Switch rumor, readers are advised to take this with a grain of salt until we get confirmation from Nintendo.

While Nate the Hate can be hit or miss when it comes to video game rumors, word on the Metroid Prime remaster has been heating up over the last few months. Back in November, Emily Rogers stated that development on the Metroid Prime Remaster began in 2017 or 2018, and was finished last summer. Rogers stated that Nintendo and Retro Studios planned to remaster the first game, then shift development to remasters for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, but plans might have changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the last few months, Nintendo has seen heavy demand for more Metroid games on Switch. The announcement of Metroid Dread led to a lot of interest in past entries in the series, and though some early Metroid games are available through Nintendo Switch Online, there are many other key titles that haven't been offered on the console. Metroid Prime certainly fits that bill, and it would be a welcome sight on Switch.

When Metroid Prime was first announced for GameCube, the title immediately proved controversial with long-time fans. Unlike the main Metroid series, Prime shifted to a first-person format. Many fans were concerned that the game wouldn't feel like a traditional Metroid game, but those concerns drifted away upon the game's release. Developer Retro Studios managed to capture the magic of games like Super Metroid, while offering something much different. With the Metroid series in a bit of a renaissance at the moment, it seems like the timing couldn't be better for Metroid Prime to release on Nintendo Switch. Hopefully this is one rumor that will pan out!

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