Metroid Prime Remaster Reportedly "Finished" for Nintendo Switch

The Metroid series is undergoing a bit of a renaissance at the moment, thanks to the release of Metroid Dread on Nintendo Switch. Following the game's announcement at E3, many newcomers expressed their interest in revisiting earlier Metroid games. Well, it seems at least one previous Metroid game could be headed to Nintendo Switch in the near future: Metroid Prime! Nintendo insider Emily Rogers shared information about a remaster of the game back in September, and today, Rogers stated on Twitter that work on the remaster was started by Retro Studios in 2017-2018, and completed over the summer.

Rogers' Tweet about Metroid Prime can be found embedded below.

Rogers went on to say that Nintendo and Retro planned to remaster all three Metroid Prime games, with the goal being to focus on the first, then shift to the sequels. However, Rogers also states that she is unsure if plans might have changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has created a lot of headaches for developers and publishers over the last two years, so it doesn't seem inconceivable.

The first Metroid Prime would still be a welcome sight on Nintendo Switch! Originally released on Nintendo GameCube in 2002, the game marked Samus' first foray into 3D. When it was first announced, many fans expected a third-person game, but Nintendo and Retro Studios revealed a first-person adventure, instead. The announcement was met with heavy criticism, but the game received universal acclaim upon its release. Metroid Prime managed to capture the heart of the 2D games, while offering a compelling new adventure. The game was later ported to Nintendo Wii as part of Metroid Prime Trilogy, and rumors about a Switch port have been circulating for years now.

At this time, readers are advised to take all of this with a grain of salt. Emily Rogers has an excellent track record when it comes to Nintendo, but plans constantly change in the video game industry, and there have been cases where Nintendo has sat on completed games for years without releasing them. Given the heat around Metroid right now, that probably won't be the case, but we'll just have to wait and see!

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