Minecraft Is Getting Avatar DLC

Minecraft is getting another collaboration DLC soon with Mojang and Microsoft announcing this week some Avatar: The Last Airbender DLC coming to the game in just a couple of days. A preview of it was shared alongside the announcement to show what some of the characters would look like once they're transferred from the world of Avatar to Minecraft. Full details haven't yet been revealed, however, so we don't yet know what all is included in this DLC.

The sole teaser for this downloadable content can be seen below courtesy of the Minecraft Twitter account which previewed some of the characters included. Aang is part of the DLC, naturally, with Korra from The Legend of Korra shown there as well. We imagine that there will be more included in the DLC in terms of characters and other contents, too, but those haven't yet been confirmed.

A quick look through the Minecraft Marketplace shows that this is the first Avatar DLC of its kind and seems to encompass the breadth of the series' universe by calling it Avatar Legends (it's also worth pointing out that there's an Avatar Legends tabletop game, too). Judging from how past premium crossovers have been handled, this'll almost certainly be a paid DLC and not a free one, so Minecraft players should expect to see this DLC get a premium price tag, too, to go along with its contents.

In related Avatar news, we also know from recent announcements and reveals that Avatar is making a comeback of sorts with a new movie on the way from Nickelodeon Animation and Paramount Animation. A release date for the Avatar movie was announced just recently, but given that it's still some time away, this DLC and other Avatar-related projects will have to be what holds people over until then.

Minecraft's new Avatar Legends DLC will be available in the game's Marketplace on December 6th. Either on or before that date, you can expect to see a more detailed overview of the DLC including things like the characters it comes with as well as the price of it all.