Monster Hunter Rise Will Add Apex Rathalos in April Update

Monster Hunter Rise will add an apex version of one of its most iconic monsters in an update next [...]

Monster Hunter Rise will add an apex version of one of its most iconic monsters in an update next month. Capcom confirmed that Apex Rathalos will be added to the game as part of its late April Title Update. The announcement was made as part of its Launch Trailer, which shows off the new setting of Monster Hunter Rise, as well as many of the game's monsters and new features. This update is free-for-all players and will add a tougher version of Rathalos to the game's Rampage battles. Rampage battles is a new Monster Hunter mode in which players take on waves of monsters using a combination of automated defenses, turrets and good ol' fashioned monster fighting. Apex Rathalos will only be available to fight in the Rampage mode, as is the norm for Apex versions of monsters. You can view the full Launch trailer above.

The April Title Update will also unlock the Hunter Rank (which is currently capped at Level 7) and add Chamelos and several other new monsters. A third title update will also be released, which will add a new ending and even more new monsters to Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is a brand new installment of the popular Monster Hunter franchise, a series that focuses on players repeatedly hunting down monsters to harvest for parts that can be turned into stronger weapons and armor. Monster Hunter Rise adds several new features, such as the Palamutes Buddies that join players in combat and allow for faster movement across stages and Wirebugs, a new tool that allows players to leap into the air or run across walls. You can read our full review of Monster Hunter Rise here, which we described as a refined version of Monster Hunter: World that's not too overwhelming for newcomers to the franchise.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on the Nintendo Switch.