The Horizon Series Has an Unreasonable Amount of Projects in the Works

PlayStation is seemingly placing all of its bets on the Horizon series. Horizon is one of the newest franchises PlayStation has, though it has been around since 2017. It started after Guerrilla Games had felt it was time to lay the Killzone series to rest and do something new. It quickly went in a very different direction with a T-rated open-world RPG series with a female protagonist to take players through the story, something that is in stark contrast to the edgy FPS that is Killzone. With that said, it was a critical success and performed well commercially, allowing a sequel to be greenlit for PS5. The series has been used to more or less serve as a way to highlight the power of Sony's hardware as Horizon Forbidden West showcased the power of the PS5 and Horizon Call of the Mountain was a launch title for PlayStation VR2. 

With that said, things aren't slowing down. We knew Guerrilla was planning more Horizon games, including a multiplayer game in that universe and likely a third game, but there's apparently much, much more in the works. As reported by GamesRadar, studio director Jan-Bart van Beek noted they have 16 different Horizon projects in the works. It's likely these aren't all video games and they may also just have really grand ambitions for their universe. This could include general outlines for future sequels or something, but using the word projects definitely makes it sound like they're expanding. We already know a Netflix series is in the works, so it's not out of the question this could also include things like comics, podcasts, or other ways to expand the universe in other mediums.

We don't know what will come of the future of Horizon, but it's clear both PlayStation and Guerrilla are ambitious about it. Only time will tell how it all turns out, but we can probably expect to see the series even on the next PlayStation almost a decade from now. Whether or not it will have the staying power as some other iconic franchises is anyone's guess.

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