Mortal Kombat 11 Reveals First Spawn Fatality

Tonight, NetherRealm revealed a plethora of new information on Spawn, the latest DLC fighter for [...]

Tonight, NetherRealm revealed a plethora of new information on Spawn, the latest DLC fighter for Mortal Kombat 11. The character boasts some impressive moves, and a number of weapons, but it all pales in comparison with Spawn's trademark cape. Spawn's cape is capable of both offensive and defensive moves, and it also provides the character with an unbelievably brutal new fatality. The fatality is called "Rest in Pieces" and it leaves any opponent of Spawn's in a pile of blood, bones, and intestines. All in all, it's quite a bit different from the character's previous fighting game appearance in Soulcalibur II!

In the gameplay trailer, Spawn faces off against Scorpion, one of the main protagonists in the Mortal Kombat narrative. As in many comic books over the years, the two get into a fight over a misunderstanding. However, Spawn has never been like most comic book characters, and this brawl goes to a much more brutal end than is typical of most encounters between heroes.

Spawn's fatality against Scorpion shows the former's trademark chains coming up from the ground, propelling his opponent into the air and yanking the skin off of his body. Devoid of skin except for his face, Scorpion's muscle falls to the earth, before becoming enveloped in Spawn's cape. With some sickly squeezing, Scorpion's skeleton is all that's left, as blood and organs spray forth. Of course, Spawn does not manage to escape unscathed, as we see the hero dragged into hell by a foe that should be familiar to fans of the Spawn comics.

All in all, it's a brutally effective trailer for the upcoming character. Todd McFarlane has said that he wanted NetherRealm Studios to have a lot of freedom to make Spawn work in the world established in Mortal Kombat 11, and that's very much on display in the trailer. Spawn fits the tone of the game perfectly, and his first fatality is proof of that. It will be interesting to see what other fatality the team has in store. It certainly seems hard to top "Rest in Pieces!" Fans won't have long to wait to find out, however. Spawn releases on March 17th.

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