Mortal Kombat Movie Trailer Reveals How Jax Lost His Arms

The new Mortal Kombat reboot trailer dropped today, and it reveals a number of details about the [...]

The new Mortal Kombat reboot trailer dropped today, and it reveals a number of details about the film's characters, including Jax, played by Mehcad Brooks. In the Mortal Kombat video games, Jax has always had cybernetic arms, and that will be the case in the new film as well. However, the way that Jax loses his arms this time around is different from previous Mortal Kombat kontinuities. This time, Jax has both limbs frozen by Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim), before they are shattered off. In an interview with IGN, director Simon McQuoid discussed the change, and how it will drive the character's motivation in the film.

"In this film we needed to drive a few certain characters and narratives, and so given that [Jax losing his arms] had been done a couple of different ways in the past, we felt we had a bit of license to do that again here," McQuoid told IGN. "We've really tried to be very truthful and true to the canon where we can be, but every now and again, we might deviate slightly where we felt that it was okay to do so."

The change makes a lot of sense considering the sheer number of ways that Jax has lost his appendages over the years. Sometimes Jax has lost them in Kombat with Goro, and other times the culprit has been Ermac; in the Malibu comic series, Baraka's blades were responsible! Given all the possibilities to choose from, McQuoid can hardly be blamed for adding a new approach to the lore. It certainly seems like it will work well for the world the film is trying to establish!

Sub-Zero seems to be one of the main antagonists in the film, so positioning him as the character that takes away Jax's arms makes a lot of sense! It's likely that Bi-Han will be responsible for a fair bit of carnage throughout the film, so viewers can expect to see quite a bit more from the villain when the Mortal Kombat film reboot releases on April 16th. Readers can find out more by checking out the rest of's coverage of the Mortal Kombat reboot right here.

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