Mythic Quest Season 2 Production Shuts Down Due to Coronavirus

Production on the second season of Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet has been shut down until [...]

Production on the second season of Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet has been shut down until further notice due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, according to Rob McElhenney. McElhenney serves as an executive producer on the show while also playing a main role in Mythic Quest, and he provided an update on the status of Season 2 to his followers this week to tell them about the temporary shutdown of the show. He said it was important to take care of each other during these times and that the team is working to make sure everybody still gets paid while production is suspended.

McElhenney shared his update on Twitter this week with the news putting Mythic Quest in the same group as many other TV shows which have been suspended while people adjust to the coronavirus situation. He asked his fans to hang in there while the team figures out what the next steps are.

The Apple TV+ series was one of several from Apple which was suspended recently. Mythic Quest launched earlier in the year when all of its episodes were available at the same time through Apple TV+ and gave subscribers a new option on the platform as a comedy show where many of the other programs were more drama-heavy.

"Meet the team behind the biggest multiplayer video game of all time," a preview of the show found on the Apple TV+ site read. "But in a workplace focused on building worlds, molding heroes, and creating legends, the most hard-fought battles don't occur in the game – they happen in the office."

McElhenney is joined by other stars from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as well as the actress Ashly Burch, a name people may recognize from games like Horizon Zero Dawn and the Borderlands series. spoke to Burch before the show's release, and Burch likened the show to a mix of It's Always Sunny and The Office.

Mythic Quest's second season does not yet have a release date.