The Witcher Clip Teases Yennefer's Transformation Into a Sorceress

A new clip from Netflix’s The Witcher was released to give another look a Yennefer’s past as well as her transformation into the sorceress that most Witcher fans will recognize her as. NBC Philadelphia spoke to Anya Chalotra, the actress who plays Yennefer of Vengerberg in The Witcher, who talked about her role in the show alongside a clip that showed Yennefer’s past when she had a hunchback and other characters’ reactions to her transformed look.

It’s a version of Yennefer that’s been previewed in past teasers and trailers that’s seen in the video below. Those familiar with Yennefer’s story from the books and even from the games will recall that the origin story of the sorceress has her looking much different than the version of her people are most familiar with. She had a hunchback and later altered her appearance using magic after she became a practiced sorceress, and the end of the clip shows another look at her pre-transformation appearance.

A reupload of the clip can be seen below courtesy of Redanian Intelligence, and you can see the original clip and the interview with Chalotra through NBC Philadelphia.

The start of the clip shows Yennefer making a grand entrance into a room of royalty and other important characters who appear to be taken aback by her appearance. Yennefer herself looks a bit uncertain as to how she’d be received in front of everyone, so considering how this clip was juxtaposed with the shot of her before her transformation, it looks like this might be one of the first times other people have seen her after she magically alters her appearance.

Chalotra is joined by fellow stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia and Freya Allan as Ciri in The Witcher. The Yennefer actress teased the monsters, magic, and “so many adventures” that’ll be found in the show and discussed some of the challenges of playing a role that’s surrounded by so many supernatural aspects like these.

“That was very new to me,” Chalotra said when asked about playing a character centered so heavily in a supernatural world. “But I approached this role as I would any other role. All those magical elements, we worked out on set. And usually when I did magic and cast a spell, if I really felt it, then it actually wouldn’t look like I was doing anything.”

The actress continued to say she had to work out physically how to best pull off this type of performance.


The Witcher’s executive producer Tomek Baginski commented on the magical aspects of The Witcher recently and told he thinks it might have “more magic than any other show.”

Netflix’s The Witcher is scheduled to release on the streaming platform on December 20th.