Netflix Reveals Video Game Plans, How to Get for Free

Earlier this month, Netflix announced the hiring of Mike Verdu as part of its plans to add video [...]

Earlier this month, Netflix announced the hiring of Mike Verdu as part of its plans to add video games to the service. There are still many questions about how video game streaming will work with the service, but Netflix has now revealed how much it will cost users to stream games: $0. On an earnings call, the company stated that the cost of video game streaming will be included as part of the current service with no extra charges. It remains to be seen what kind of library will be offered, and how many games will be included, but this is a very surprising announcement!

Given Netflix's current subscriber base, the company stands a good chance at succeeding with video game streaming. Google Stadia has struggled to attract subscribers since the service began, for multiple reasons. Some might be hesitant about how the service works, while others might not be interested in the games offered. It's too early to judge the games that Netflix will have, but it likely won't be hard for the company to coax current users to try streaming video games. With more than 200 million subscribers worldwide, chances are, some gamers will give it a shot since it will be a free part of their subscription.

While Netflix is not currently planning on charging extra for video games, it stands to reason that subscription costs could increase over time. Netflix has increased subscription prices over the years, and it's hard to imagine that the company won't have to make some kind of move in order to fund this new venture. Otherwise, it's hard to say how many developers and publishers will sign on. Regardless of how this new addition impacts the future of Netflix, the current plan is a bold one! If gamers weren't already interested in seeing what the streaming service will bring to the table, this announcement will definitely make some take notice.

Companies like Google and Microsoft have both explored game streaming, but it remains to be seen if it will catch on in a major way. There are still technical hurdles, which is why services like Xbox Game Pass still prioritize game downloads over streaming. Hopefully game streaming through Netflix will be a smooth and enjoyable experience!

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[H/T: Mark Gurman]