Dragon Age Exec Gives Update About Progress on New Game

The fourth installment of the Dragon Age saga from BioWare is well-underway. Though we've known [...]


The fourth installment of the Dragon Age saga from BioWare is well-underway. Though we've known about work on the franchise for awhile now, the executive producer of the well-loved series has given a brief update confirming that the team is still "hard at work" for the fantasy RPG adventure.

We've had massive hints and downright confirmations of work on Dragon Age, though the progress and state of production is currently unknown to the masses. After Dragon Age: Inquisition, there was a major twist to the end of the game that was a definite game changer for what fans know of the lore. We saw the head of the mage vs. templar war, ground-breaking changes to the foundations of Thedas, and some massive shock factor for our Elven friends.

Though Mark Darrah confirms that they are hard at work, it still doesn't necessarily mean we'll get to see what a certain mage is up to, or even travel to the world of Magisters (though, it's is very likely given previous hints). There are talks that this will be a spin-off and not tailoring after the adventures of the Warden, the Champion, and the Inquisitor. With the spin-off comics and novels, there is definitely plenty of material to work from - and both medias have provided authentic, and fantastic, Dragon Age experiences.

Will BioWare take the same route that they did with the Mass Effect franchise and begin a new story within the same universe? Anything is possible when it comes to spin-offs, so we'll just have to wait and see what the team comes up with. After all, Mike Laidlaw neither confirmed nor denied it being DA4 before his departure, so it very well could end up being the fourth installment that fans are looking for.

Our Take - contains Inquisition spoilers:

With the major twist concerning Tevinter during the events of the third game, and the reveation of the Elven gods and the Dread Wolf's true role - it would be a missed opportunity to not continue in that style. The three games did a fantastic job of tying up all three games, even DA2, with the Trespasser DLC in Inquisition, which provides the perfect stepping stone for the next phase. With the dramatic conclusion to the previous game, and the way the Mage Killer comic tied in, it is a safe bet to at very least assume Tevinter will be the overall premise of the next game.