New Fable Game Will Reportedly Be Announced Tomorrow

It seems that a new entry in the Fable series might be announced during tomorrow's Xbox Series X [...]

It seems that a new entry in the Fable series might be announced during tomorrow's Xbox Series X event. The latest rumor surrounding the game comes from video game analyst Daniel Ahmad. On Twitter, Ahmad used some interesting wording to talk up the upcoming digital presentation, stating that "no matter if you're an avowed Xbox fan or a fabled Xbox fan, it'll be good." The use of "fabled" seems more than a bit suspicious, particularly since rumors surrounding a new entry in the series have been floating around for quite some time now. Either way, fans will know for certain very soon!

Ahmad is not the only one dropping hints. Over at Resetera, industry insider Klobrille suggested that an in-engine trailer for the next Fable game will be shown during the event, so fans shouldn't expect to see actual gameplay. If that does prove to be the case, fans will likely have some time to wait before the game is actually released.

Speculation surrounding a new Fable game started to intensify following the revelation that Microsoft had renewed the Fable trademark in late June. Fans have been waiting for a new series entry since Fable III's release back in 2010. It's been a long road to reach a new series entry, but that journey could finally be at an end!

All in all, it looks like tomorrow's Xbox Series X event should be one to watch! With the release of the PlayStation 5 also set for this year, Microsoft will have to show potential buyers what the console has to offer that the PS5 won't. Sony announced a number of major exclusives last month, so tomorrow could be the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to steal back a bit of the spotlight. A new Fable entry just might be the perfect game to do that.

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