New 'Fortnite' Skin Ruthlessly Compared to 'Overwatch's' Reaper

Fortnite has certainly been getting festive with its Halloween content as of late, including costumes that feature pumpkins for heads, along with stylish outfits to match. And while they’ve been a big hit with fans, competitive Overwatch players couldn’t help but note a similarity between a particular skin and one offered for the shotgun-wielding hero Reaper.

Overwatch TXT recently posted a tweet comparing the two, noting, “‘Can I copy your homework?’ ‘Yeah, just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious you copied.’ ‘OK.’” And, well, you can see the two compared below.

As you can see, both costumes offer glowing pumpkin heads along with leather get-ups for each character, though there are some noticeable differences. For example, Reaper has more of a stylish robe; and Fortnite’s skin has some leaves surrounding it, so it has more of a scarecrow-like approach.

That said, the post has led to some rather interesting comments from fans of both series, as well as some examples of “pumpkin head” costumes from other games.


For the most part, it looks like both Epic Games and Blizzard are playing it cool on this one, as they both seem to be getting into the Halloween spirit with their content. But this is a rather interesting take, and leaves you wondering just what the companies might be readying for Christmas. Could a battle Santa costume be the next big item? Or maybe a turkey costume for Thanksgiving?

All the same, you can enjoy Overwatch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC now; and Fortnite can also be found on these platforms, as well as Nintendo Switch.