New Pokemon Snap Datamine Hints at Future DLC Content

A recent datamine of New Pokemon Snap has found potential evidence that there are plans for at [...]

A recent datamine of New Pokemon Snap has found potential evidence that there are plans for at least one additional DLC course. New Pokemon Snap is now available on the Nintendo Switch, and players are busy digging into the Lental region and all its mysteries. While players are still working their way through the two dozen courses the game has to offer, a datamine has found evidence that Nintendo could have more New Pokemon Snap content on the way. SciresM, a well-known Pokemon game dataminer, posted the full roster for New Pokemon Snap on Twitter on Thursday. Notably, the game has 40 unused reserved Pokemon IDs with empty data. As the roster below typically has two icons per Pokemon, that means that there is space available for about 20 more Pokemon, which is about how many Pokemon appear in a full course in the game.

Now, this could mean that New Pokemon Snap simply scrapped a course somewhere in the planning stages, but it seems more likely that New Pokemon Snap has space to add on additional content, which matches reports from various leakers and alleged insiders. This isn't definitive evidence that we'll be getting more New Pokemon Snap content after its release, but it should provide fans with at least a little bit of hope that Nintendo and Bandai Namco plans to support this game after its release.

We'll note that Bandai Namco's previous Pokemon spin-off game, Pokken Tournament, was one of the few Pokemon games to receive multiple updates. While these updates were mostly limited to Japanese arcades, Bandai Namco eventually released a "definitive" version of Pokken Tournament with an upgraded roster for the Nintendo Switch. Unlike Game Freak, which only recently came around to the idea of DLC, Bandai Namco is definitely a little more aware that fans want additional content after a game's release.

We'll see whether New Pokemon Snap gets any new DLC content later this year. In the meantime, the core game is available now for the Nintendo Switch.