New Quake Game Leaks via Ratings Website

Bethesda is set to kick off QuakeCon 2021 later this afternoon, but ahead of that time, it looks [...]

Bethesda is set to kick off QuakeCon 2021 later this afternoon, but ahead of that time, it looks like one of the publisher's big announcements associated with the event seems to have leaked ahead of time. Specifically, it seems like we're due to officially see the reveal of an all-new Quake game. And even though we have heard rumors of this over the past week, this most recent reveal of information seems to all but guarantee that a reveal is coming very soon.

Mere hours before the beginning of QuakeCon, a new rating for an upcoming Quake title has emerged. This game in question leaked via the ESRB's official website, which essentially guarantees that it is legitimate. This new Quake title is said to be rated M and it's also poised to release across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

So just what is this? Is it a new Quake game as a whole, or is it just the return of a previous entry in the series? Well, it would seem likely that the latter is true. Rumors have suggested that this is simply going to be a remaster of the original Quake for modern platforms. Specifically, some have said that this will be formally titled Quake Revitalized Edition when Bethesda reveals it, but this leaked rating doesn't contain the same name.

The ESRB listing itself also adds credence to this idea, as the description of the game is very similar to what is seen in the original Quake. "This is a first-person shooter in which players assume the role of a soldier that travels through time to stop an evil force from destroying humanity. Players traverse through maze-like medieval environments and use shotguns, nail guns, and grenade launchers to kill various enemies (e.g., zombies, demonic forces, scorpions, humans) in frenetic run-and-gun combat," said a brief description of the game via the ESRB.

Once again, this reveal of a new Quake game should likely be happening later today when QuakeCon 2021 kicks off. The annualized event is set to begin at 2:00pm EDT with an opening ceremony that will detail a number of things that are happening within Bethesda. Whenever we do end up learning more about Quake, we'll be sure to share that news with you here on

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