Report: New Fable, Perfect Dark, Forza Horizon Projects Rumored For Xbox One

Microsoft has been awful quiet about its 2018 plans thus far. We know that Crackdown 3 is coming our way, but we've heard very little about what else the company has planned. However, an interesting new leak over at Resetera suggests that some big-name projects are coming our way.

Now, take these with a grain of salt, as these are unconfirmed reports with some questions about their authenticity. However, the same user reported on a number of items that ended up being confirmed back at E3 2016, so there is the possibility that they could be happening. They noted that the titles were listed in the Xbox Live API SDK, though, again, there's no official confirmation. So don't go jumping up and down for these just yet, until Microsoft gives the official say-so.

First up, following the abrupt cancellation of Fable Legends and the closure of Lionhead Studios a while back, it sounds like Microsoft is taking interest in the Fable franchise again, with a possible new project being developed by either Playground Games or Studio Gobo. It'll be interesting to see a new developer give this franchise a try, although we'll certainly miss the touches that Lionhead applied to it.

Next up is the possible return of the Perfect Dark franchise. That Rare series has been pretty dormant since the release of Perfect Dark HD a few years ago for Xbox 360, but with the developer wrapping up work on Sea of Thieves, there's a good chance it could be working on this series again. Rumor has it that the game will be set in third-person, going for more of an action approach than typical first-person shooting, as Perfect Dark and its sequel, Perfect Dark Zero, have done in the past.

Forza Horizon is reportedly making a return, with the fourth chapter in the series set to take place in the racing utopia of Tokyo, Japan. It's unknown if Playground Games will be working on this chapter, since the company is busy with other projects. We'll have to see what becomes of this one.

The introduction of a "biggest franchise" with a "really high-player count" was hinted at next, and although a name wasn't given, it sounds like it could be Halo, and the team at 343 Industries could be going for a Battle Royale-style mode. Again, unconfirmed, but it sounds very likely.

Finally, it appears that Microsoft could be showing interest in the Mechassault franchise again, with a new chapter set to be revealed for Xbox One. We haven't seen this series since the original Xbox many years ago, but it built up a pretty avid fan base, so, yeah, we wouldn't mind seeing it again. (Also, can we blare Papa Roach in our mech suit? That worked so well last time.)


We'll keep you informed on what Microsoft has planned for its forthcoming year, but, yeah, the more first-party awesomeness, the better. (We wouldn't mind a new Battletoads either – just saying.)