New Nier Automata Secret Possibly Discovered 5 Years After Release

The Nier Automata community is losing its grip on reality as it tries to understand whether or not a player has stumbled upon a secret that no one else has ever seen. Nier: Automata was one of the most well-received games to release last generation and was praised for its incredibly fun gameplay, but also its captivating world and story. It has a lot of big themes and is an incredibly unique game, standing out amongst other third-person action games as a result. With all of that said, it's a game that has been played countless times, with it actively encouraging replays. Yet, one player apparently found something that no one else has ever seen and one that is leaving many completely dumbfounded.

A Reddit user known as sadfutago took to the social media platform to upload a clip of a secret door in the Copied City that leads to a strange descending hallway with a church at the end of it. When the player goes into the church, a cutscene plays and a strange figure can be seen resting on an alter with a flower growing out of its body. After that, a black blob of sorts appears near the alter and the playable character, A2, says "What's that?" with her pod replying "Unknown." To make things more baffling, the entity can't be killed and there's seemingly no where else to go. This has left the community stunned, with speculation of modding being shot down simply due to the fact that the animations and assets present appear to be completely new and unused elsewhere in the game. It's also believed this would require significant breakthroughs in modding to achieve. sadfutago stated that they were playing a French PS4 version of the game that hasn't been updated, leaving the community to test various versions of the game to try and replicate the scenario. 

hello i get lots of messages and i can't read them all this video took a long time to upload its for the guy whho asked for a long video of the hallway to the church after the hole. I can't kill the black bloby i can only walk through him i don't think there's anywhere else to go after that place i from nier

Producer Yosuke Saito has been vaguely engaging in the matter and suggested that this was the work of Nier Automata creator Yoko Taro, who acknowledged the situation by tweeting: "Do you want to know about my insight? In that case, you can find answer at my Twitter profile. Thank you." If fans visit his Twitter, his bio states: "I can't answer about any products. Please ask publisher. I can't reply DM except business and acquaintance." Needless to say, it's a bit confusing and no one really knows what's going on, but some believe it could be viral marketing for the upcoming Nintendo Switch port of Nier Automata.

[H/T GamesRadar]