Ninja Gets Roasted Over Controversial Hot Take on NFL Football Players

If there's one position in the NFL that catches endless flak and is often scapegoated, it's kickers. Nobody remembers all of the kicks you make, yet everyone is ready to roast you once you miss one. And often the result of the game can come down to one field goal. It's a lot of pressure, but popular Mixer and Fortnite streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins ain't impressed. Taking to Twitter, the Internet celebrity expressed his bewilderment over NFL kickers, and how they are allowed to -- seemingly -- get away with missing so many kicks.

"I'll never understand how college and NFL football teams allow kickers that just.... miss... kicks. I feel like there has to be pools of kickers in the USA that won't miss simple kicks," wrote Ninja on Twitter. "Or snappers that won't mess the snaps I don't know man it seems so silly. Would love opinions on this."

As you would expect, this take -- like most takes on the Internet -- caught some flak, with many pointing out the flaws in it.

That said, this wasn't the tweet that stirred the pot and opened up Ninja for criticism and social media jabs, it was a hotter take that he had in a reply to a fellow Fortnite content creator.


Of course, all this really proves is that Twitter is a horrible place to talk about things, let alone come hot out the gate with something you know is going to be controversial. Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Is Ninja in the wrong here or does he have a point?