Ninja Tells Fans To Stop Asking For "Old Ninja"

In 2018, streamer and personality Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins rose to prominence streaming Fortnite, and [...]


In 2018, streamer and personality Tyler "Ninja" Blevins rose to prominence streaming Fortnite, and with a little help from singer/rapper Drake. Fast-forward to the end of 2018, and he's still the biggest name not only in Fortnite streaming, but in streaming in general, and recently the recipient of The Game Awards 2018's Content Creator of the Year award.

However, since Ninja skyrocketed to the top of the streaming and gaming world, he's changed up his style. In the beginning, Ninja cursed -- quite a bit, actually. Whether during a rant or when he caught someone stream sniping him; Ninja wasn't afraid to let you know how he really feels with a slew of curses peppered in.

But the bigger he got, Ninja began to curtail this. Now, he doesn't curse at all. And the result is a sector of his fans campaigning for what they call "Old Ninja," which is mostly just Ninja that curses.

You can find the ol' Old Ninja hardcorers present in every stream of Blevins, every comment section, and across social media. To say they've been pretty vocal and persistent would be an understatement. That said, Blevins seems to have had enough of these particular fans and what he says are exaggerated claims.

"All of this 'Old Ninja' stuff needs to stop," said Blevins during a stream. "Let me be perfectly clear: I'm just as hyped and I freak out just as much."

Blevins added:

"I'm the same person, man. I just don't swear anymore. So this whole Ninja is hyper, Old Ninja, I want it, get out. Get out of here. I'm the same person, you guys. 2018 can't handle Old Ninja. Guess what, I can't handle Old Ninja because the words I used to say and the gaming terms I used to say, they weren't okay. Alright? I've matured."

Elsewhere during the response, Ninja reveals that the one time where he did slip into "Old Ninja," people came at him on the Internet for it, which is basically what happens every time Ninja does anything that could be used against him as criticism.

Since the clip started making the rounds, Ninja has earned a great deal of praise for his response. In fact, almost all of the top comments are positive and understanding. One points out that a lot of Ninja's audience is very young, which is true, and perhaps explains at least partially why the streamer decided to cut out cursing from his content.

All things considered, Ninja has handled being at the top better than almost every other person in his situation before him. It's not easy having that level of eyeballs and scrutiny fixated on you. It can crush people, as we've seen in the past.